29 APRIL 1955, Page 17

Letters to the Editor

The Press Strike Meredith Whittaker

Maio,: R. C. R. M. Clarke Mr. Butler's Budget John Collinson, P. M. Gedge

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SIR,--II is sad to see Pharos subscribing to the great 'no newspapers' myth.

'Had the strike continued,' he writes, 'poli- ticians would no doubt have been horrified at the idea of fighting their campaigns with- out the benefit of reporters.' As the strike is over, we shall be able to see how many Lon- don morning, evening and Sunday newspapers report how many speeches by how many candidates, and at what length.

I do not pretend that either speeches or reports will make much difference, but any- one interested will find them, as always, in his local paper.—Yours faithfully,

MEREDITH WHIITAKER Editor Scarborough Evening News *