29 APRIL 1955, Page 17

Sra,—I am shocked and amazed that under the article 'Becalmed'

on April 15 you should present a full-page advertisement to The Times. I. am totally opposed to this latest Communist-inspired strike (which fact, inci• dentally, the namby-pamby BBC has never dared mention), but I always hope good might emerge from evil. If this strike caused the bankruptcy of the greatest exponents of ap- peasement this country has ever known, then it will have done a great service. Not only in the years before the last war did The Times support appeasement, but it also persecuted those fine men who stood out against it—at least one even after his death.

This country certainly would not lose if The Times went out of circulation. Births and deaths may be the beginning and the end, but other papers could and do print them and also do far better in the.middle.

No, Sir, if you must advertise a national newspaper in your columns, please advertise one more in keeping with the policy of the Spectator.—Yours faithfully,


Brompton Hospital, Fulham Road, SW3