29 APRIL 1955, Page 25

The problem of replacement has become more acute since 1945

owing to rapid sterling depreciation and unless reserves had been built up. the present shipbuilding liability of t18.900,000 could not have been contemplated. Whilst ships cost four times as much as before 1939, we have aimed at setting aside annually a sum which, added to depreciation, approxi- mates to an annual rate of only twice the pre- war cost, the utmost trade will permit after Penal taxation, and still allow stockholders a reasonable return. To increase dividends by re- ducing the already insufficient replacement Amount would increase the gap. By calculating taxation before making allowance for replace- ment at current costs, the Exchequer is eating away funds essential to the Company's exist- 'nee. Between 1949-1953 out of consolidated profits of £47,107,000 we have paid £19,125,000 In taxation, distributed £3,290,000 in dividends

RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE FUTURE Stockholders have entrusted the directors with a heavy responsibility involving detailed

I referred at our last Annual General Meet- ing to the increasing burden of costs of all kinds. The fact that we have succeeded in absorbing increased costs and at the same time producing an improved Net Profit should not blind us to the fact that these influences are still at work. Your Board has had these considera- tions much in mind during the past year and has developed further its policy of opening new stores wherever possible and improving the facilities available to our customers in the older stores.

EXPANSION IN CANADA Our Canadian Company has continued to expand; new stores have been opened at Peter- borough and Kitchener in both of which towns we have been well received by the general pub- lic. The older stores which have been in exist- ence more than 12 months have continued to develop and we have a steadily increasing body of satisfied Canadian customers. It is a great pleasure to me to bring these facts to your notice because not only does our Canadian company give us the opportunity of long term development which must increase the stability of our organisation as a whole but it enables us to play our part in earning dollar currency for the home country; we have succeeded in exporting from England a very high percen- tage of our merchandise which is sold in Canada while increasing at the same time our orders to local suppliers who have served us well. Having secured a good foothold we are planning to develop further in the Dominion and we are building at the present time a store in Montreal which when completed will be the biggest single retail outlet for shoes in Canada. It is well placed at what is probably the best Canadian retail site having the largest pedes- trian count of any of the Canadian cities and we are looking for excellent results when the store opens towards the end of August.

The report and accounts were adopted and approval given to the payment of a final divi- dent of 14 per cent, making 20 per cent, for the year.


RECORD Fire. Accident, and Marine premium income of £28,875,088, and record new Life business of £9,171.431. were figures given in a statement issued by the Chairman, Sir John R. Hobhouse, M.C., with the 119th Annual Re- port and Accounts of the Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Co. Ltd.

Total Underwriting profit at £1,695,777 (or 5.9%) was the highest in amount yet achieved and the best in ratio since 1950.

Fire premiums showed a modest increase over 1953, and despite the widespread damage caused by the three North American hurri- canes, a satisfactory rate of profit was earned. The Accident Department had a better year than for some time and the record profit of £688.177 showed the best ratio for ten years. A gratifying profit of £196,282 resulted from the closing of the 1953 Marine Underwriting Account.

An increased Final Dividend of 24s. per Share is recommended, making 45s. 6d. for the year against 41s. for 1953.


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