29 APRIL 1955, Page 7

THERE WAS much talk some weeks ago in Parliament and

the press about restrictive trade practices. The rubber manu- facturers, it was said, formed a `ring,' and as evidence it was recalled that whenever the price of one firm's tyres was in- creased the price of all the other firms' tyres was increased simultaneously. How could this be a coincidence? Three of the newspapers which made most fuss over this restrictive Practice were the Daily Express of the Beaverbrook group, the Daily Mail of the Rothermere group, and the News Chronicle of the Cadbury group. A day after the newspaper strike came to an end the three London evening newspapers simultaneously put up their prices from three-halfpence to twopence. They are the Evening Standard of the Beaverbrook group, the Evening News of the Rothermere group, and the Star of the Cadbury group.