29 APRIL 1989, Page 26

Hitler the socialist

Sir: Murray Sayle's 'fascist scale' (`Adolf we hardly knew you', 22 April) is limited and misses out basic points about Hitler and Mussolini and allows some dubious fish into the net, though some correct ones such as Stalin and Castro.

Hitler was a socialist (hence his National Socialist Workers' Party) and Mussolini had been one. Hitler wanted war first and socialism second, in contrast to R6hm. His boring Table-Talk records his socialist aims for use after the war: nationalisation, expropriation of the shareholder, etc. I once took an extract from them and put them in an advertisement in the Times and offered an award for the first person to record the author.

Most people suggested Tony Benn. Some suggested Aneurin Bevan, though one odd reader thought they were thoughts of Lord Hailsham.

Michael Ivens

40 Doughty Street, London WC1