29 APRIL 1989, Page 29

West Penwith i.m. Kit Barker

Cold lapis lazuli, Rocks hung above a cove, A harbour that the sea Labours to remove, And day by day succeeds.

All that was long ago: Time changes, and times change; Only an image Alive within the mind Of that scene, and of him, Is now as it was then.

The lightshaft of Pendeen Swings and illumines Night in a seaward room Where I no longer am. Its light sweeps past a wall Into the larger gloom, Analogy of recall.

Noon Veor under a hill And skyline of a moor; Wind and the rain without, Within a heart as warm As the heart of the host, Where was a whole man, Happy and generous; A grave comedian Ear for the egregious, And eye for the rum: Gentleness where he was.

David Wright