29 AUGUST 1891, Page 1

A great battle went on between General Balmaceda's troops and

those of the Congreosist party, close to Valparaiso, on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of August ; but it is not as yet easy to make out what has been the result, or whether, indeed, the final result of the struggle had been reached. General Balmaceda's party declare that the Congressists were cut off from their ships, and had surrendered at discretion to the Government,—rather an unwise statement to make, if it was one which would have to be contradicted within a few days. On the other hand, the Revolutionary party declare that from the first they had had the advantage over the Government, and that the result of the battle so for is a decisive victory for them. Perhaps the truth may be that, at the latest date of the Valparaiso news, the conflict had not been concluded ; but we rather fear that General Balmaceda may yet gain the victory. We say " we fear," not as pretending to have any right as yet to estimate the merits of the conflict, but because we can hardly doubt that General Balmaceda has been guilty of needless and excessive cruelty in his treatment of his enemies, especially in the case of young and unknown men whose enmity could not have been a matter of much importance to his Government.