29 AUGUST 1891, Page 1

Archbishop Walsh has addressed a letter to the National Press

in support of those shareholders in the Freeman's Journal who are endeavouring to snatch the paper out of the hands of Mr. Parnell's allies. He dilates on the great injury to morality which the Freeman's Journal and the Evening Tele- graph have brought about, and says that but for them, all Ireland would have declared Mr. Parnell unfit to hold the office of national leader any longer. We sympathise with the Arch- bishop's desire to withdraw Ireland from the influence of such a leader as Mr. Parnell, but we should sympathise with him much more if he had shown any similar desire to withdraw Ireland from his influence at the time he initiated that evil movement for " boycotting " all who took a farm from which another tenant had been evicted, which demoralised Ireland far more effectively than Mr. Parnell's personal immoralities. The Archbishop has not been guiltless of the worldly pro- pensity to compound for the sins his countrymen are inclined to, by damning those they have no mind to.