29 AUGUST 1891, Page 1

In the meeting of the proprietors of the Freeman's Journal,

on Thursday, the friends of Mr. Parnell received another defeat, and probably the most disastrous defeat they have yet met with. Mr. E. D. Gray proposed a vote of censure on the Parnellite policy of the Freeman's Journal, to which Mr. T. Harrington, M.P., moved an amendment declaring the perfect confidence of the shareholders in the present management. The amendment was carried, on show of hands, by 31 to 12, but a poll was demanded, and the poll resulted in the defeat of the amendment by 15,628 votes, against 2,562 votes in its favour. It appears that Mrs. Gray (the widow of the late pro- prietor) holds 10,960 shares ; Mr. E. D. Gray, 250 ; Arch- bishop Walsh, 390 ; and Archbishop Croke, 519. It was the proxies representing the absent voters which carried the decisive majority against the amendment. The Archbishops have beaten Mr. Parnell, but they supported him while he was deliberately poisoning the public mind, and threw him over only when he betrayed his indifference to private morality.