29 JANUARY 1831, Page 19



Tar first trial-night was on Monday last. The band mustered nume- rously, and presented the same faces in all the principal departments as last year. F. CRAMER, MORI, SPAGNOLIcrTI, and WEICHSELL, led in turn. This may be considered as the first gathering of the season : per- formers both vocal and instrumental are returning from provincial con. certs ; and the usual greetinapassed among the brethren of song and string, of "lyre and lute." 'Sir GEORGE SMART and BISHOP conducted the pieces rehearsed, with the exception of a new Sinfonia by LUCAS, and one by the Chevalier NEUKOMM, who each directed the performance of their respective compositions. An overture of Marisenaim's was tried ; but it was too drummy and trumpety for our liking, to say no- thing of its barefaced plagiarism from WEBER. Of M. NEUKOMM'S sin- fonia we will say nothing now' for we shall assuredly hear so delightful a composition in the course of the season. There was a novelty in the evening's performance, namely, the trial of a vocal piece. NVe recollect no similar instance ; and we regard it as a fresh proof of the Directors' intentions to give to this department of the concerts its due attention. It was an exquisite scena from Euryanthe, sung (and delightfully sung) by Miss INVERARITY, Miss H. CAWSE, Mr. IIORNCASTLE, and Mr. E. TAYLOR.