29 JANUARY 1831, Page 19

Purcell's Sacred Music, edited by VINCENT XOVELLO.

We noticed this work in an early stage of its progress ; and it is to discharge ourselves of a debt of gratitude that we record its advance as far as the 46th Number. Every succeeding number adds to the admira- tion and reverence with which we have always regarded PURCELL, who, musically speaking, was and is the glory of England ; for, though a century and a half has passed since his death,—though he has had successors of high renown and deserved honour,—yet, were we asked to name the work on which we should be content to rest the reputation of the English school of vocal writing, it would be NovEram's Collection of PURCELL'S Church Music. It illustrates—it displays all that sacred vocal music is capable of achieving. We say emphatically Novella's Col- lection of PURCE LL'S Sacred Music, for there is no other. It has re- mained for this ardent and learned labourer in the cause of classical music, to give existence and perpetuity to the treasures of this immortal genius. It is, in great measure, a new work—as new as if PuacELT. himself were now living; for compositions of which only single manu- script copies were reposing in the libraries of cathedrals, or the port. folios of collectors, can scarcely be said to have existed. They now live, and they will live, as long as the monuments of learning, genius, and taste shall continue to challenge the admiration of posterity.