29 JANUARY 1831, Page 19


NOS. VII., VIII., and IX. of this cheap, pretty, and useful little work, contain reduced outlines of various modern and popular pictures, which have been engraved, from Honmurn, WILSON, GAINSDOROEGII, and ONE, to WEST, STOTIIARD, WILKIE, STEPIIANOFP, BURNETT, KIDD, &c. Of the execution of the plates we can only say that we find no- thing to alter our former opinion : they are better calculated to remind those who are familiar with the pictures, or with good engravings from them, of what the originals are like, than to give an idea of the beauties of the pictures or the merits of the artists, to those who have not seen them: the deficiencies of the outlines are most strongly perceived in the faces, and their expression, in which, however, also, their occasional success sometimes surprises us very agreeably. The general neatness and accuracy of the engravings deserve praise ; though, from the ex- treme cheapness of the work, we cannot expect them to be invariably delicate and excellent. "[Than the whole, it deserves an extensive popu- larity, especially among artists, who may at any rate study in these out- lines the compositions of the several artists whose productions are intro- duced.