29 JANUARY 1831, Page 2

The Duke of CAMBRIDGE, in the name of the King,

has issued two proclamations to the people of Gottingen and the stu- dents, which are conceived in a spirit of much moderation and good sense. The course of the public schools has been suspended ; the Hanoverian students are ordered, and the foreign students re- quested, to go home until the colleges again open. The numerous kindnesses of the King to the city are forcibly, but not ostenta- tiously set forth ; and the absurdity as well as ingratitude of the revolt is demonstrated. The grievances of the people the Prince declares himself ready to investigate and redress. The nice little revolution of Gottingn has thus been suppressed in its first tiny heavings. The Doctors EGGELING and SEIDINSTICKER, it is pre- sumed, will again retire to their studies ; and the terrible Com- missary of Police will resume his high office, and frighten all the bad, :boys and girls as heretofore.