29 JANUARY 1831, Page 3

REFUGE Fox TILE Dasataterta—The City Committee have opened three asylums

for sheltering the homeless—namely, in Playhouse Yard, Whitecross Street ; Globe Street, Wapping; and Castle Street, Lei- cester Square.

COUNTET afrararnaos.—A few more meetings for Parliamentary Reform have been reported in the provincial papers. At Bristol there was a large and important meeting on Friday. The petition was directed to be sent to Lord Ahliorp, neither Mr. Hart Davis nor Mr.

Millie being considered worthy to present it. At Lewes, on Tuesday, a petition for universal suffrage and vote by ballot was unanimously agreed to. An important Meeting took place at Norwich on the 19th; when a resolution approving of vote by ballot was also unanimously car- ried : Mr. Sheriff Wiseman presided. In the Scotch counties gener- ally, meetings are said ta be contemplated. The freeholders and landed proprietors of Kirkcudbrightshire have already met, and adopted a peti- tion for Reform—the first, we believe, that ever emanated from that quarter. SEA-BORNE COALS.—A meeting took place at Hythe on Wednesday last week, when a petition for the repeal of the duty on coals was una- nimously carried. It was proposed to be presented by Lord Darnley and Mr. S. Majoribanks ; but on the motion of Captain Hart, Mr. Hodges, member for the county, was substituted for Mr. Majoribanks,—the latter not hieing, as Captain Hart said, the representative of the inha- bitants of Hythe, but only of the corporation. The petition being left at the Guildhall for signature, the indignant Mayor, who had presided at the meeting, drew his pen through the words "Mayor and Jurats," and refused to sign it ; which being noticed by one of the townsmen, he wrote along the document, in large letters, "This is not the petition agreed on at the public meeting." Another ffieeting was held on the 21st, and a fresh petition made out, signed, and despatched.

ARUNDEL.—On Friday last, two hundred and eighty of the free and independent electors of this borough—about three-fourths of the whole— were paid a bonus of 101. each, in consideration of the vote given to Lord Dudley Stuart. The money was paid, with she usual precautions, in an uninhabited house belonging to the Duke of Norfolk. A like sum is expected from Alderman Atkins, making 201. to each voter.—Brighton Guardian. SPECIAL CONSTABLES.—Lord Melbourne has addressed a circular to the Lords Lieutenant of counties, suggesting the propriety of dispensing with the future services of special constables, which are no longer gene- rally required, and the continuance of which, it is feared, will interfere with plans for calling out the Militia.