29 JANUARY 1831, Page 8


[Front the Lady's Jlayazine.]

COURT DeEss.—Owing to the announcement of so many Drawing- rooms, ingenuity has been diligently at work in devising novelties suit- able to the occasion. The beautiful dress which was fully described in our last (but the plate of which, owing to an accident, was not such as it should have been, and is now repeated) is capable of a thousand varieties. The Chryseon fringe and ornaments are exhibited in all their brilliancy and splendour. The toque is of light blue velvet, ornamented with gold tissue leaves, and six ostrich plumes tipped with blue. A diamond chain with clasp crosses the forehead. Dress of rich satin, shot so as to produce the tints and reflections of mother-of-pearl. The corsage is made en gerbe, and trimmed round the bosom with a waved Chryseon, or gold band. Full blonde sleeves over berret short sleeves. The dress is also surrounded at the knees with the Chryseon, or patent gold fringe. The gold that trimmed our pattern dress was of this beau- tiful material. The band may be of the patent silver, as, like the Clay- aeon, it neither tarnishes nor soils a dress of the most delicate texture. The dress-makers at Brighton were, during the past month, introducing gold and silver in every possible manner on the dresses of those who were honoured with invitations to the Palace.

EVENING Deess.—Toque of light green figured velvet ; scarf of blonde gauze, shot and striped with light green, and fringed with Chry_ aeon gold. Dress of canary-coloured shot satin, fissured with a rich pat- tern of a bright gold-colour. The corsage somewhat rounded to the bosom, and draped with very full folds; a quilling of black net round the bosom ; epaulettes and elbow ruffles of black blonde. Long white kid gloves ; gold-coloured satin shoes, bound and sandaled with black sib- bon; pearl ear-rings. The skirt of the dress very full, but without trimming. There is an endeavour made to introduce dresses with the skirts cut goring, and with less fulness ; but this is wholly confined to robes.

WALICINO DRESS.—There is nothing new in out-door costume, though it may be seen by our plates that there are striking and beautiful movelties in evening dress. Pelisses are made as plainly as possible: the skirt is without trimming; the corsage simply folds on the bust; there is not the slightest variation in the sleeves; and a full cloak, or thick fancy boa, is worn over the pelisse, according to the temperature of the day. Round bats, with cut ribands and bows of black blonde, and feathers, for carriage costume. DzsrzsIR DRESS.—Hat of pale blue satin, worn far back on the head ; in front is is a coronet of tulle points, edged and veined with pale blue satin ; from this springs two long white ostrich feathers. Robe of wood- coloured satin. Deep shoulder-pieces nearly cover the tops of the full tulle sleeves, and meet under a pearl brooch; over these folds a low ehemisette of rich British lace, the edge of which is wrought beautifully in scollops. The dress is bordered down the front, round the shoulders and bottom, with narrow swansdown, beneath which appears a floss silk fringe. Pearl ear-rings and bracelets. White satin shoes.

BALL DRESS.—The hair dressed with bows and braids mingled ; two or three pink gauze bows are placed high on the back of the head, and two smaller near the brow on time right side ; three small Paradise plumes are put on the left ; a row of pearls crosses the forehead from right to left : this style of head-dress, both in the arrangement of the hair and disposal of time ornaments, is exquisite. The corsage of the dress consists of an elegant white lisse chemisette, made round to the bo- som, with longitudinal plaits to the waist ; long sleeves of the same ma- terial. Skirt of gage d' Orient of a pale mallow colour, trimmed at the knees with long satin points of the same colour as the dress, headed by a beautiful cord of the Chryseon gold ; the points are edged with a looped trimming of the same gold. A large gauze bow is fastened on the front of the row of vandykes, and another just beneath it, connnected together by Chryseon cords. Deep points of satin fall over the shoulders, and gradually diminish to the waist. Similar points finish the wrists. Neck- lace, bracelets, and waist-buckle, of moon-stones set in wrought gold. Black satin shoes, and white gloves.