29 JANUARY 1910, Page 24

ItEAD&DLE NOVELS.—The Nest of the Sparrowhatok. By the Baroness Orczy.

(Greening and Co. 6s.)—This "Romance of the Seventeenth Century" brings us into familiar company and situations which the author knows how to manipulate.—Dulah the Forest Guard. By C. E. Gouldsbury. (Gibbings. 3s. (3d.)— A tale of sport in India, with some glimpses of life among English and natives.—The Scales of Justice. By Fred M. White. (Ward, Lock, and Co. 6s.)—A spirited story of the melodramatic sort.—On the Forgotten Road. By Henry Baorlein. (John Murray. 6s.)—Founded on that strange episode of history, the Children's Crusade.—Major Owen, and other Tales. By Christopher Johnson, K.C. (W. Blackwood and Sons. 6s.)— Seven good stories, come of the detective kind, others concerned with hypnotism, &c.—Ifindupore. By S. M. Mitre. (Luzac and 6s.)—A story of Indian life, giving us a glimpse, we are told, of the causes of the unrest. It does not make us feel more hopeful.