29 JANUARY 1910, Page 25

Longman's Historical Wall Pictures. (Longmans and (Jo. 2s. 6d. net

each ; framed and glazed, 10s. net each ; set of twelve in port- folio, 35s. net.)—These twelve pictures, reproduced in colour from paintings by Mr. H. J. Ford, each measuring fourteen inches by eighteen, and mounted on suitably large cards, should be a valuable addition to the furnishing of a school. They represent scenes at various epochs in British history. The first presents the Roman Wall at a late period of the Roman occupation. The officer in command is showing an embassy of Norsemen round the fortifications; a special object of interest to them is a catapult. Native workmen are at work repairing, annoyed by arrows from Pictish marauders, whom archers on the wall are endeavouring to check. The other subjects in order are Augustine preaching before King Ethelbert ; Danish ships in a creek in East Anglia, the warriors disembarking to attack an English village; Harold pierced with the arrow at Senlac ; Richard I. in sight of Jerusalem—did he not refuse to look at it P—King John sealing Magna Charts, ; Henry V. at Agincourt ; Drake in the Revenge' capturing a Spanish galleon on July 22nd, 1588; Charles I. coming to the House of Commcns to seize the Five Members; the death of General Wolfe on the Heights of Abraham ; the battle of Trafalgar; the 'Victory and the Dreadnought,' types of the old and the new in Portsmouth Harbour. The details of the pictures seem to have been carefully studied, and the drawing is spirited and effective.