29 JANUARY 1910, Page 26


Autin (A.), The Bridling of Pegasus, 8vo (Macmillan) net 7/6 Bancrott (J. H.), Games for the Playground, Home, School, and Gym- nasium, roy 16mo (Macmillan) net 6/6 Billings (R. W.), Baronial and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of Scotland, Vol. IV., 4to (Feniis) net 7/6 Birdaeye (C. F.), The Reorganization of Our Colleges, 8vo ...(Simpkin) net 7/6 Rowley (A. L.), Elementary Manual of Statistics (Macdonald & Evans) net 5/0'

Buckrose (J. E.), A Golden Straw, cr 8vo (Mills & Boon) 6/0 Carnac (J. II. R.), Many Memories of Life in India, at Home, and Abroad,

(W. Blackwood) not 10/6

Deeping (W.), The Rust of Rome, cr 8vo ( )

Gheusi (P. B.), Life and Letters of Gambetta, 8vo (Unwin) net 12/6 Graham (E. P.), The Mystery of Naples, Cr 8vo (Sands) net 5/0 Hall (A. (1.) and Frisk (F. G.), Trigonometry, 8vo (Bell) 7/6 Heyainger (L W.), Spirit and Matter before the Bar of Modern Science, 8vo (Macmillani net 15/0 Jepson (E.), No. 19: a Novel, cr &to (Mills & Boon) 6;0 Jones (H.), The Working Faith of the Social Reformer, 8vo (Macmillan)net 7/0 Kaye (W.), The Home Secretary, cr 8vo (Ward & Lock) 6/0 Kingon (W. A.), A Trader's Daughter, or 8vo (J. Ouseley) 6/0 Latham (A.) and Garland (C. H.), The Conquest of Consumption, cr 8vo (Unwin} net 4/6 Th Leathes (A. S.), e Kingdom Within, cr Boo (Putnam net 3/6 laugh= (R. C. F.), Zambezie., 8vo (J. Murray net 1510 Milmine (G.), The Life of Mary Baker G. Eddy and the History of Christian Science, Cr 8vo (Hodder & Stoughton) net 6/0 Murray (S. L.), The Reality of War, 8vo 2/6 Paul (N.), A Child lathe Midst, cr five (Longmans) 2/6

Pemberton (X.), The Mystery of the Green Heart, cr 8vo (Methuen) 6/0

Phillpotts (E.), The Thief of Virtue, or 8vo (J. Murray) 6/0 Physical Science in the Time of Nero : Translation of "The Quaestioues Naturales " of Seneca, by 3. Clarke, 8vo (Macmillan) net 10/0 Playfair (A.), The Garos, 8vo (Nutt) net 7/6' Freed (Mrs. C.), The Romance of Mdlle. Alma, cr 8vo (Long) 6/0 Regimental Records of 1st Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers, 1644-1842, 8vo (Rees) net 6/0 Rietz (H. L.) and Crathorne (A. RA College Algebra, 8vo (Bell) 6/0 Russell (G. E.), Text-.Book of Hydraulics, 8vo (Bell) net 10/6

Sanders (ai. P.), Louis XVM., 8vo (Hutchinson) net 16/0

Selbie (W. B.), Aspects of Christ, cr 8vo (Hodder A Stoughton) 610 Sinclair (S. B.) and Tracy (F.), Introductory Educational Psychology, (Macmillan) net 4/0 Smith (Sir Harry), Autobiography, 1787-1819, 8vo (J. Murray) net 2/6 Sowter (G. A.), Trial and Triumph, or 8vo (Nisbet) net 3/6 Stone (C.), They Also Serve, or 8vo - (Chatto & Windus) 6/0 Thompson (G. 13.), The Kulturkampf, 8vo (Macmillan) net 5/0 Thomson (J. A), Darwinism and Human Life, or 8vo (A. Melrose) net 5/0 Thomson (T. C.), Internal Lubrication of Steam Engines, or 8vo (Technical Pub. Co.) net 2/6 Thornton (A. A.), On Patents, 8vo (C. Jones) net 21/0 Waddell (P. H.), Thoughts on Modern Mysticism, or 8vo (W. Blackwood) 3/6 Weale (B. L. P.). The Human Cobweb, cr 8vo (Maemilbin) 6/0 Webb (S. & B.), English Poor Law Policy, 8vo (Longmans) net 7/6

Wernacr (R. al.), Romanticism and the Romantic School in Germany,

8vo (Appleton) net 716--, White (W. II.), The Prime Minister's Secret, cr 8vo (Unwin) 610 Williams (P. W.), Rhinolosy, 8vo (Longmans) net 12/6 Wright (F. W.), Design of Condensing Plant, cr8vo (Technical Pub. Co.) net 316 Young (J. 11. S.), A Cupful of Kernels, 4to (J. Chiseley) net 5/0