29 JANUARY 1927, Page 18

A Competition

OUR next competition, to the winner of which the Editor .offers a £5 prize., is a very simple one and will lie :judge(' strictly by popular Vote. We ask our readers to give us the names of the ten most popular characters in fiction Of any age or clime in the order of their popularity. We an not prepared to say what is fiction and what is, not. Decisions on this point can be left to the common sense of our readers.


I. All entries must be received on or before Friday, Feb. 4th. 2. Competitors may send in as many entries as they wish, but each entry must be accompanied by one of the coupons to be found on page 162 of this issue. • 3. The name and address _tor the peendonym) of every rPn'' petitor must be written clearly at Ihe foot, of his manuscript. • The Editor cannot rettirh any traniuseript subMitted for the CoMpetition, -nor can 'be entek-inte correspondence with competitors; • 5: The Editor reserves the right of printing any numuseriPi submitted. , 6. Envelopes niust be addressed Competition, the 'SPecial°4 13 York Street, Covent Gardiiiii•Londonl-W.C: 2.. • - -