29 JANUARY 1927, Page 18

The latest of Messrs. Kegan Paul, Trench, Triibner's " To-

day and To-morrow " series are the Dance of cirri, or Life's Unity and Rhythm, by " Collum " (whose identity seems but thinly veiled) and. Lars Porsena or The Future of Swearing and Improper Language, by Mr. Robert Graves (2s. 6d. each). The Dance of Ova is immeasurably the better of the two. It has substance and thought in it, although-not that quality which marked the brilliant debut of Messrs. Joad and Schiller for this series. - But why viva ? Siva was not a Frenchman after all. And why the Destroyer of Illusion is dragged in to dernonStrate this Western exposition of the age-old Aryan monism is not very clear. Still the author is very much alive and responsive to the movements of to-day, which seek to unite the best thought of East and West, and discusses Signor Mussolini and Sir Jagadis Bose with point and perspicacity. As to Lars Porsena, with the best will In the world to commend the work of one who has often adorned our Poetry column, we can only endorse the publisher's opinion on-the wrapper, that it is not for squeamish readers. The stories have a musty, nasty flavour : we have heard ninny of them before and wish

we had not. This is silly stuff. • * * * *