29 JANUARY 1927, Page 18

We have received eight volumes of Messrs. Dent's " King's

Treasury " series : Junior Modern Essays, For Repetition, English Lyrical Verse, The Whaling Story (from Moby Dick), She Stoops to Conquer, and King Lear, at ls. 4d. each ; and Untold Tales of the Past (Beatrice Harraden) and The Shoe- maker's Holiday (Thomas Dekker) at ls. each. It is good to find that the Editor of English Lyrical Verse, Mr. Arthur Burrell, has included the " Canticle to the Sun." Mr. Burrell expresses sonic pleasantly emphatic opinions : one which we as emphatically endorse is that the Psalter and St. Francis stand almost alone in their friendship for nature, and that of the poets to-day Mr. Ralph Hodgson is a true follower of St. Francis. Good editing, good print, small size and price combine to make this an admirable series.

* * * *