29 JANUARY 1927, Page 2

Herr Stresemann, although he was the indirect cause of Herr

Marx's failure to form an entirely Republican Gov- ernment, and was therefore the cause of the invitation to the Nationalists to take office in the new Cabinet, seems nevertheless determined that the Nationalists should not call the tune in foreign policy. In a statement to the Berlin correspondent of the Times he said that the real reason for admitting the Nationalists was that a majority composed of both Right and Left parties was necessary for dealing with home affairs. He regarded foreign affairs as already settled by the obvious wishes of the nation. His own policy at Locarno. and Geneva had stood the test of all criticism and was now established. It was inconceivable, he said, that either he or Herr Marx would join a Cabinet which wanted to change German foreign policy. These assurances are very welcome, but, of course, the Nationalists have other views, and we must wait for the trial of strength in the devout hope that Herr Marx and Herr Stresemann may be strong enough to hold the fort.

* * *