29 JANUARY 1927, Page 24

BERNARD QUESNAY. By Andre Maurois. Transla from the French by

Brian W. Downs. (Cape. 7s. 6d., M. Maurois' new book is a story of the post-War years 19 and 1'920, when a wounded but exhilarant Europe turr from war to industry. The Quesnays, Antoine and Desna attacked the business of woollen manufacture with I zest. " The. foremost economists," they were told, " pre that this period of fat kine will last for thirty years at least. That was in 1919. Within a year, the brothers, one in prosperous severity of domestic peace, the other in the a of his lightly clad mistress on a sun-warmed beach in Basque country, were flung into the throes of a strike. Wit that ended they discovered themselves lace to- face that other crisis of which they had momentarily forgo the existence. A vast industrial depression did not their. Antoine worried for his wife, Franeoise, beau and witty enough to make an engaging confidante for brother-in-law with a mistress as insistent as the indu itself. Questions of an alarming nature arose : the borne or the factory ? Simione, fascinating mistress, or tbe business ? As to the exact outcome of that delicate situati M. Maurois must have the telling.