29 JANUARY 1927, Page 24


a Border History of Tipperary, Limerick and Cork. By Paul S. Flynn. (Hodges and Figgis. Dublin.)—Mr. Flynn's book is one for Irish readers, but it ranks far above the ordinary county history, being indeed a. review of all that passed in Ireland between the Norman Conquest and the end of the Gaelic order ; :though this review is related to one di*.rict, of which the Aherlow is the centre. On the flank of the Galtees and commanding the rich land about the junction of Limerick, Cork and Tipperary this fastness played a great part whenever there was war.. It was close to the point where Desmond's territory touched Ormond, and only a day's march from strongholds of the O'Brien kings of Thomond ; and in the main it was held for the Geraldines of Desmond by local Gaelic clans. Mr. Flynn has ransacked the records, Irish and English, for references to his subject, and he has strung into interesting narrative what he found. Few tasks deserve more praise than this of lighting up a countryside to the imagination, and no countryside in Ireland is more picturesque than that which Galteemore looks down over and very few are less known to visitors.