29 JANUARY 1927, Page 27

A Library List

STORY AND BIOGRAPHY :-A History of the Pharaohs. By Arthur Weigall. Vol. II. (Thornton Butterworth. 21s.) -The Great War Between Athens and Sparta. By Bernard W. Henderson. (Macmillan. 18s.)-The Earliest Times. By Fr. Funck-Brentano. Translated by E. F. Buckley. (Heinemann. 12s. 6d.) Selected Letters of Horace Walpole. Two Volumes. Edited by W. S. Lewis. (Oxford University Press. 45s.) Charles I in Captivity. Edited from Contemporary Accounts by Ger- trude Scott Stevenson. (Arrowsmith. 15s.)-Fran: Liszt. By Guy de Pourtales. Translated by E. Stimson Brooks. (Thornton Butterworth. 10s. 6d.)--Thomas SAInce and his Connections. By Olive D. Rudkin. (Allen and Unwin. 7s. 6d.) scnii.ixEous :-Christopher Marlowe. By U. M. Ellis- Fermor. (Methuen. 6s.)--A History of Late Eighteenth Century Drama, 1750-1800. By Allardyce Nicoll. (Cam- bridge University Press. 16s.)-First Essay on Popula- tion, 1798: *By Thomas Robert Malthus. New Edition. (Macmillan. 10s. Bd.)-Official Papers. By Alfred Marshall. (Macmillan. 10s. 6d.) The Science of Pianoforte Technique. By Thomas Fielden. (Macmillan. 8s. 6d.)-The Family in Classical China. By II. P. Wilkinson. (Macmillan. 12s. 6d.) criox :-Moontaker. By F. Tennyson Jesse. (Heinemann. 5.)-Adam in Moonshine. By J. B. Priestley. (Heinemann. 7s. 6d.)-Mortal Image. By Elinor Wylie. (Heinemann. '7s. 6d.) Bernard Quesnay. By Andre Maurois. Translated by Brian W. Downs. (Cape. -7s;- ed.)'