29 JANUARY 1927, Page 27

A SERVANT OF THE MIGHTIEST. By Mrs. Alfred ingate. (Crosby

Lockwood. 7s. 6d.)-Based upon his- kat facts, this story is an imaginative record of the life of ingiz Khan, the founder of the Mongol dynasty in China, osc character and exploits bear comparison with those of exander, Frederick the Great, or Napoleon. In terse, orous, narrative style, Mrs. Wingate follows the amazing reer of Tamerlane's great predecessor, and her pictures of in thirteenth-century Turkestan are full of " atmosphere."

s is an original and interesting book, almost more than a -el, yet eminently readable. But did Chingiz really take tiff and did the heralds of the Very Mighty ride with short rrups and loose rein ? The horsemen of Central Asia to-day e with long stirrups and tight rein.