29 JANUARY 1927, Page 24

GO SHE MUST 1 By David Garnett. (Chatto and Winds&

7s. 6d.)—The author of Lady Into Fox again gives us an ori, and individual story, though its plot is conventional eno Anne Dunnock is the only child of a widowed and eccent clergyman, with a meagre living in a remote corner of the Fens- Anne, emotional and sensitive, finds her home life a prison from which she must escape. Opportunity at last offers when Richard Sotheby, the village grocer's son, comes on visit to his parents, who have sacrificed everything to In him a " gentleman " and an artist. • Richard falls in love Anne, and, when he returns to his Paris studio, Anne folio him.- - She 'finds- that he is already married and that his is mistress to a Mr. Grandison, who shares- the same house From such unpromising -soil the -flower of true love sp for Anne.. Granasoulapas for Actilis_iiiro sincere at nt, and, repenting of his past, brings her complete happiness. e pair return to England to find the old clergyman, who always been 'a -lover of birds, living 'in. the - Vicarage house, under the impression that the swallows are angels nistering to him. The story has touches of the macabre, rtliv of Poe. But its main virtues lie in the charm of its tins, in its subtle and tender analysis of a girl's emotions; d in its pictures of the spacious, quiet Fenland contrasted li glimpses of a sordid Paris interior.