29 JANUARY 1927, Page 3

Dr. Arthur Shadwell has contributed. to the Times an important

series of articles on Trade Union Reform. He is a first-rate industrial inquirer ; he is always able to get into the heart of a problem, and his general sym- pathy with the wage-earners makes it easy for him to talk to them and for them to talk to him. Many of his readers must have been surprised and pleased to learn how various and vigorous arc the movements among trade unionists themselves to resist the capture of the unions by revolutionary officials. The further these movements go the greater will be the hope that trade unionists as a whole will be ready to collaborate with the Government in bringing about needful reforms. Dr. Shadwell is in no doubt whatever that a revision of the Acts of 1906 and 1913 is required. He regards the excesses of " peaceful picketing " as cruel and disgraceful, and is inclined to agree with Dr. Geldart that something might be done along the line of limiting the number of pickets allowed.

* * * *