29 JANUARY 1927, Page 3

The most regrettable feature of the General Council's • •

. • Report, which was admirable in many ways, was that it gave no guidance whatever on the most important questions of all. These are whether a general strike is justified in any case_ and whether it can have any hope of .S.uceess.. Surely a thie sense of responsibility should have made the.Gener4f Council see that these questions ought not to be left in the air. There is a moral to be enforced one way or the other, and the trade unions are badly in need of guidance. The debate made it Clearer than ever, howeVer, that the General Council did not want the general strike last May, and were astounded when they found themselves committed to it. They showed courage as well as sound reason in ending it as soon as possible, and- it is satisfactory that they have been acquitted of blame by so handsome a majority. • * • *