29 JULY 1843, Page 19


Tuesday, July 25.

PARTE'. RsiiIpS DiSsoLVED. Carr and Nelson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, linendrapers—Laverack and Co. Kingston- upon-Hull, brokers — Skipper and Baker, Swaffliam, linendrapers— Sawkins and I.eek. Staffordshire. attornies—Tregelles and Fox. Falmouth, engineers — Skelton and Reddish, Southampton, booksellers—J. and T. Trulock, Loudon Street, Mark Lane, corn-factors—Breese and Reynolds, Ross, Herefordshire, gardeners—J. and K. Kettlewell, Leeds, silversmiths—Drake and Weston, Cateaton Street. woollen- drapers — Godwin met Co. Fore Street. Limehonse, sailmakers—Corrock and Co. King Street, Cheapside, robe Makers—Pickard and Bolton, Conside, Durham, brick-makers —Thom and Wood, South Street Spitalfields, cheesemongers— Wood and Co. Medford. Yorkshire. worsted spinuers —Toting aud Cu. Rochdale, iroufonnders—Clegg arid Co. Bury, coal•miners—Williams and Moffatt. Cheapside, music-printers—T. and G. Brown, Tilstone, Cheshire, drapers —Curling and Co. Limehouse. ship-biscuit-bakers —Perston, and Co. Glasgow, merchants. DECLARATIONS OF INSOLVENCY UNDER THE NEW ACT. Williams, Oxford, butcher—Spencer, Bradford, manager of a flottr.shop—M•Guire. Liverpool, bookkeeper—Gouriet, Camden Town, dancing master—Smart, Gloucester, Sheriff's officer—James, Grimley, Woreestershire. farmer—Norris, Chowbent, Lan- cashire, out of business—Browne. Sheffield, silversmith—Graham. Texteth Park, Li- verpool, bootmaker— Roberts. Bradford, cloth-maker—Jennings, Bath, wheelwright— Prichard, Hewelsfield, Gloucestershire, IMely a farmer—Davis, Cursitor Street, painter —Tendon, Guisely, Yorkshire, weal er —Ramsay, New Park Road, Buxton Hill, plumber —Birkeushaw. Sheffield jOurileyniall•filesinith —Holmes, Purtsea, clerk in her Majesty's dockyard—Healey, George's Row, St. Luke's, foreman to a stone-sawyer. BANKRUTIVIES ANNULLED.

Betimes:, ARTHUR, Dublin. provision merchant. %ammo, Wn.i.u.si, Moulton, Northamptonshire, baker. BANKRUPTS. BARWTsE, JACKSON, Pall Mall, hotne.decorator,tosurrender Aug. 3, Sept.4: solicitor, Mr. Sum Lombard Street; official assignee, Mr. Alsager, Birchin Lane. Bactostnzan, Wiciasm. Birmingham. merchant, Aug. 2, Sept. 5: solicitor, Mr. James, Birmingham ; official assignee. Mr. Whitmore, Birmingham.

COWHERD, JOHN, Kendal, W'estmorelaud, miller, Aug. 1, Sept. 5: solicitors. Messrs. Addison and Harrison, Mecklenburg Square; and Mr. Harrison, Kendal ; official assignee, Mr. Baker, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

EvEinerr, FREDERICK Paves, Reading, draper, Aug. 3, 31: solicitors. Messrs. Tilleard and Sun, Old Jewry; official assignee, Mr. Belcher, Kiug Arms Yard.

Ilinmenov, Joesr. riniggist. Aug. 9, Sept. 9: solicitors, Mr. Brewster, Nottingham; official aassignee, Mr. Bin.tearer'. Birmingham. HIPIONS. EDWARD. Egremont Cheshire, coal.dealer : Aug. U. 31 : solicitors. Messrs. Bridger and Blake. Finsbury Circus ; and Messrs. Francis awl Dodge. Liver- pool; official assignee, Mr. Bird, Liverpool.

Lmesuroe ENDERBY, Wisbech St. Peters, brewer. Aug. 3, Sept. 4 : solicitors, Messrs. Abbott aud Co. New Inn ; official ussignee, Mr. Whitmore. Basinghall Street.

PoLLEN, WILLIAM, St. George, (locestershire, licensed victualler. Aug. 9. Sept. 6: 'elicitors. ?driers. Jones and Blaxlaud, Crosby Square; and Mr. 'lettings, aud Mesta". Maut and Harvey. Bath ; official assignee, Mr. Morgan. Brist 1.

&mum, hum; Russets. Halstead. Essex. Weiler, Aug. I, 31: solicitor, Mr. Dodd, New Bond Street; official assignee. Mr. Pennell, Basinghall Street. W/DNELL. GEORGE FREDERICIC, Edgware Road. stationer. Aug. 1, 31 : solicitor, Mr. Shackle, Tokenhuuse Yard; official assignee. Mr. Peunell, Basinghall Street. IHVIDENDS.

Aug. 15, Steward. Belfast, muslin. mauufacturer -Aug. 15, Evans and Co. Barge Yard. Bucklersburv. East India merchants-Aug. 22. Seddon. Manchester, cottou- spinner -Aug. 23, *Pitt. Cheltenham. banker-Aug. 16. Hill, Newcastle upon-Tyne, wine-merchant- Aug. 18. Bedford. Burtou-upou-Trent. brewer-Aug. 16. Suffolk. Birmingham. bridle cutler -Aug. 16. F. and E. Arthur, Birmingham. coachmakers - Aug. 16. Conibeere and Butler. Birmingham. uoollendrapers-Ang. 16, Dunks, Wed- nesbury, Staffordshire, screw-manufacturer-Aug. 16. Bateman, Birmingham, factor.


To be granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary. on the d ty ef meeting.

Aug. 18. Shickle. Attleburgh. corudealer-Aug. 17. Galan. Gilbert Street. pawn- broker-Aug. 15. Adamson, Hexam, Northumberland. butcher-Aug. 15. Robson, Shotley Bridge, Durham. miller-Aug. 16. Hill. Neweastle•upon•Tyue. wium- merchant-Aug. 15, Farmer. Wellingtou. Shropshire. teadealer-Aug. IS. East. Spalding. Lincolushire. builder-Aug. 17. Fowler. Manchester, corn-dealer.

To be granted. unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before Aug. 15.

Hitchcock. New Sarum. hosier - Smith, Weduesbury. grocer - Brooke. Liverpool.

victualler-Weeks. Canterbury, chemist-Hopkins, Farringalon Street, butcher. - Butler, Bradford. Wiltshire, victualler-Buckley. Higher Crompton, coal-toaster- Rodgers n. Hylton Ferry. Durham, ship builder-Bryant. Bristol, carpenter- Harri- son, Moorgate Street. merchant-Hitch, Kingsland, grocer-Young, Neecas:le-upon- Tyne, coal-fitter-Havard. Swansea. grocer-Duggan, Cheadle Grove, Cheshire. calico- printer -Faiers, Colchester, hair-dresser-Grafton, Alcester, Warwickshire, tanner.


Walker, Monkwearmouth Shore. brewer; first die. Is. 8d. July 29. and any subse- quent Saturday; Mr. Baker. Newcastle•upoo-Tyne-Adamson, Ilesham. Northum- berland. butcher, first div. 2s. 6d. July 29, and any subsequeut Satnrday ; Mr. Baker, Newcastle.upon.Tyne-Seaborn. Berkeley. Gloucestershire. baker, die. 3s. Aug. 2, and any subsequent Wednesday ; Mr. Morgan, Thistol-Manning and Co. Aldgate. drapers, second div. Id. July 26. Aug. 2. 9, and 16; Mr. Groom, Abehurch Lane-Watling. Islington, butcher. first die. 74d. July 26, Aug. 2. 9, and 16; Mr. Groom. Abehurch Lane-Towne. George Street, Spitalfields. chocolate mauufacturer, first div. 2s. 6d. July 26, Aug. 2.9, and 16; Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane.


MAY, W., Edinburgh, carpet-dealer, July 23. Aug. 18.

Friday, July 28.


Spurgeon and Lawry, St, Dunstan's Court, Fleet Street. printers -Willsher and Eleock. Bath, grocers-S'one and Roberts, Bennett Street, Stamford Street -Gregson and Co. Preston. steers of cottou•twist -G. and A. Gilkes, Steward Street, Spitalfields. silk-meinufacturers-Schulze and Co. King William Street, London Bridge- Champion and Co. Old Street Read, vinegar-inakers-Medealf and Co. Manchester. brush ma nu facturers- Griffiths and Burton. Hs sou Green. Nottinghamshire, lam manufacturers- C. and G. Lovell. Uxbridge, coach builders-M•Tear and Brice. Liverpool. ship- brokers-Joseph and Simon. Simon, Shaftesbury Street. New North Road. japan- leather-manufacturers-G. aud J. Brown, Studley. Warwickshire, druggists-J. and E. Jones, Wrexham. plumber-Bickley and Tweddell, Chapel Street West. May Fair, at- toruies-S. and J. Coleman, Leicester. builders-Law and Co.ltending. linendrapers- Leighton and Ecles. Exmouth Street. bookbinders - Clyde Marine lusurance Com- pany. Glasgow. DECLARATIONS OF INSOLVENCY UNDER THE NEW ACT. Holmes. Portsea, clerk in her Majesty's Dcckyard -White. York Street, Walworth Bead, coach-master-Smalley. Kirkdale, joiner-Moore. Sheffield, table knife menu. facturer-Hull. Southampton Mews. cab-proprietor-Daliaway, Sheffield, metal caster -Williams, Newport. Moumou:hshire, hay-dealer-Crosby, Queen Street. Chelsea, bricklayer-Payne. Southampton Street. Camberwell, clerk-Brewer. Gloucester. general-shopkeeper-Washer, Oxford, bootmaker-Haydou. Grafton Street, sculptor -Mason. Kidderminster, hairdresser-Flatcher, chelteuham, carpenter--Baker. Brighton. hatter-Hamnett. Mauchester, chemist -Tymms. Cheltenham, watchmaker -Hignett, Walton, Lancashire, out of business-Mays, Wilton Road, carman-Voysey, Exeter, baker -Tilling, Liverpool, carver.


SAVAGE HENRI', Coaley, Gloucestershire, spade manufacturer.


ammonite, Hew, Swansea, sail-maker, to surrender Aug. 10, Sep. II: solicitors. Messrs. Newman and Co. Yeovil; Mr. Short, Bristol; Messrs. Burfoots, London; official assignee. Mr. Hutton, Bristol.

DIXON, Dssno, Leeds, dyer, Aug. 8, Sept. 5 solicitor, Mr. Bond, Leeds ; official assignee, Mr. Fearne, Leeds.

Forms, El-MA.11E3H HANNAH. Hathern, Leicestershire, tanner, Ang.4, 31; solicitor, Goddard. King Street. Cheapside; official assignee, Mr. Belcher. King's Arms Yard. z Knvo, Jong, Kingston-upon-Hull, draper. Aug. 9. Sept. 6: solicitors, Messrs. Sale and Worthington, Manchester ; Messrs. England and Shackles, Hull ; official assignee, Mr. Freeman, Leeds.

'LEVY, Mena, Great Winchester Street, commission-merchant, Aug. 10, Sept. 8: solicitors, Reed and Shaw, Friday Street; official assignee. Mr. Alsager,

RATNEE, EDWIN, Sheffield. merchant, Aug. 9, Sept.6 : solicitor, Mr. Branson, Sher- field. ; official assignee. Mr. Freeman. REYNOLDS. EmvAao, Merton, silk and woollen printer. Aug. 10, Sept. 8; solicitors Reed and Shaw. Friday Street; official assignee, Mr. Whitmore, Basinghall Street. SIDDON, Imes, West Rearms ich, hollow-ware-manufacturer. Aug. 12. Sept. 9: soli- citor. Mr. Bray. Birmingham; official assignee, Mr. Bittlestuu. Birmiugham.

Seunra, GEORGE, Davies Street. builder, Aug. 4, Sept. 7: solicitor, Mr. Parker, St. Paul's Churchyard: official assignee, Mr. Peunell. Basinghall Street.

TAYLOR. Hexer Jon", Wakefield, carpenter, Aug. 9, Sept. 13: solicitor, Mr. Balmer Leeds; official assiguee, Mr, Young. Leeds.


Aug. 18, Millar, Wapping Wall, engineer-Aug. 18. Sleet, Oxford Street. hosier - Aug. 18, Penfuld, Goring, Sussex, brewer-Aug. 13, Ellis, Haverhill. Suffolk, draper -Aug. 18. Collinson. South Molten Lane. carpenter-Aug. 21. Cobham and Wright, Camden Place. Peckham, builders-Aug. 21. Bergen. Bueklersbury, hardwareman - Aug. 18, Potter, Maschester, merchant -Aug. 25. Sloane. Liverpool. batter-Aug. 21. Pocklington sod Dickinson, Winthorpe, Nottinghamshire-Aug. 18, Baker, Birming- ham, brass cock maker. CERTIFICATES

To be granted. waters cause be shown to Me contrary, on the day of wetting.

Aug. 18, Sleet, Oxford Street, hosier-Aug. 18. Grins e, Nicholas Lane, engraver- Aug. 21. Hutton, Ringwood, Hampshire, draper-Aug. 18, Prim. Brentford, glass. seller-Au. 19. Whittenbury. Blackheath Hill. builder-Aug. 19. Malian, Ludgate Hill, dentist-Aug. 18, Smith, Bristol, carpenter-Aug. ,30, Cooke, Bradford, York- shire, worsted-splutter.

Tube granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or bet,re Aug. 13. Rose, Spalding, Lincolnshire. ironmonger-Yarrad. Spaldiug. grocer-Senior. St. Swithin's Lane, hardwareman-Crow, Noith End, Fulham, victualler-Whitmarsh. Tunbridge Wells, hotel.keeper-Ledbury. Hagley. Worcestershire, coal merchant - lfumford, Mile End, grocer-Towers. Wolverhampton. hatter-Chambers, Holies


Framee, Gosport. grocer ; first div. of Is. 78.. any Wednesday; Mr. Graham, Cole man Street- Metcalfe. Cambridge, upholsterers ; second div of Is. 6d., any Wednes- day ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-Hutchius, Whitecliapel Road, liuendraper ; first div. of 2s. 31d., any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street- Lingbam. Cross Lane, St. Mary-at-Hill. wine-meachant ; second die. of 2s. 6r1, any Wednesday; Mr. Gra- ham, Coleman Street-Smyth. Cambridge. coachmaker; first liv. 7s. 3d any ed. nesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street -Popplewell. Batley, blanket manufacturer ; final div. of 3... Aug 1. and any subsequent day ; Mr. Young. Leeds -Dixon, Hud- dersfield, and Taylor, Great Winchester Street. merchants; fifth div. of Id and 1-16th of a ld., any Wednesday; Mr. Graham. Colemau Street-Hannau. St. Martin's Lane, victualler; first div. of Is. 94d.. any Weduesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-H. and F. Rogers. Finch Lane. wine merchants ; second div. of 418.. any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham. Coleman Street-Vans. St. Paul's Churchyard. merchant ; first div. of 2s. 98.. any Wednesday; Mr. Graham. Coleman Street-Halls, Colchester, firlimon- ger ; first div. of 2s. 58. , any Wednesday; Mr. Graham' Coleman Street-Walthew, Poultry, chemist ; first die. of 7s. 48., any Wednesday: Mr. Graham, Coleman Street -Patton. Swan Street, Nevvingion, ironfounder; first div. or 5s. 3d.. any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham. Coleman Street- Percival. Bishop's Sturtford. innkeeper; first die. of 48.. any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham. Coleman Street-Adam. Narrow Wall, Lambeth. Um- ber.merchant ; third div. of 61d.„ any Wednesday ; Mr. Graham. Coleman Street-. Mullett. St. Mary Axe, merchant ; fifth die. of 48.. any Weduesday ; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-Crosby and Co., Leadenhall Street, hardwaremen; second div. of 448.. any Wednesday; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-Crosson, Rayleigh, wheel. weight ; first div. of 22, 68., any Wednesday; Mr. Graham, Coleman Street-Dykes, Broad Street, St. Giles, stationer ; second die. of 3d., Aug. 2,9. and 16; Mr. Groom, Abchurch Lane-Herring, Rochdale, ironfounder ; first div. of 5s. W.. Aug. 5. and any subsequent Saturday ; Mr. Hobsou, Manchester-Cockson, Manchester. eommisison- agent ; first div. of Is. 3d., Aug. 5, and any subsequent Saturday; Mr. Hobson, Man- chester -Abbott. Blackburn. cotton manufacturer ; second div. of 4s.. Aug. 5. and any subsequent Saturday; Mr. Hobson Manchester - Parker, Bolton le- Moors, cotton. waste spiuuer ; first die. of Is. 3d., Aug. 5. aud any subsequent Satuaday ; Mr. Hob- son, Staaclies.er. SCOTCH SICCHIESTRATD.N.

Esturr. G. S., Larriston, Rozburghshire. limeburner, Aug. 2, 23. Macs:vine and SEATON. Edinburgh, boutmakers, July 31. Aug. 21. MACLENNAN. A.. Edinburgh. grocer, Aug. 1, 22.

Seem. J.. Glasgow, architect. Aug. 1.22.