29 JULY 1893, Page 3

On Friday, July 21st, Prince Bismarck, in receiving a depu-

tation from the Duchy of Brunswick, made one of his " nasty " speeches. During the past twelve months he had been "the object of the most flattering attentions from various parts of the Empire." The only exception was his own State, Prussia. He could not believe that this was because the feeling for Im- perial Unity was weaker in Prussia, but inferred that it was because the Prussians were so thoroughly cowed by their superiors. This was not so in his days. Then " it was not considered dangerous to oppose the Government." After explaining how his son had voted for the Army Bills, and so " sacrificed his convictions and his judgment on the altar of the commonweal," Prince Bismarck went on to abuse what are at present his favourite bogies,—the Commercial Treaties, the Bureaucracy, and the system of secrecy practised by the Government.