29 JULY 1893, Page 3

On Saturday, Lord Randolph Churchill met his constituents at South

Paddington, and received their hearty assent to his contesting Mr. Shaw-Lefevre's seat in Central Bradford at the next General Election. They resolved, moreover, to return Lord Randolph again for South Paddington, so as to secure his election in case his attack on Mr. Shaw-Lefevre's seat should not be successful. This is an arrangement which is very creditable to the patriotism of the South Paddington Unionists, and very likely to result in the gain of an important seat to the Unionist Party. Lord Randolph has managed to catch the ear of the masses as very few Members of the party have contrived to catch it. It is by a solar microscope and magic-lanthorn style of speaking that he manages this, no doubt,—not a gift we can greatly admire,—but, none the less, it certainly often succeeds in bringing home convictions which are true, and which are of vast importance.