29 JUNE 1850, Page 12



The fluctuations of the English Stock Market have not exceeded per cent: The range of variation of Consols for Account has been from 95/ to 964, The transactions have been very unimportaflt, and the market has risen and fallen with the presumed prospectMinisterial success or defeat. The probability of a large majority IS not considered so great today as it was yesterday, and the dosing quotations are*lower —namely 95/ 96. Money ' 'continues abundant, and the rate of discount is I:watered. Scarcely any busmess of importance has occurred in the Foreign Market, where the prices of nearly every variety of Stock are nearly the same as last week. At a recent maintops of Mexican Bondholders, it was resolved tore- commend the Mexican agent in this country to divide immediately he amount now accumulated in the Batik of England to the credit of thelileziean dividend account, without waiting for further remittances: Should this suggestion be adopted, about 11 per cent will -be divisible among-the Bend- ers. It was alio determined tosend.lf: Falconnetnut to Mexico as agent to negotiate for the conversion of the debt with. the Mexican Goverrnuent. The transactions in the Railway Share Market have been rather moreim- portant than usual, without causing any material fluctuation in pike. Nweiitern and "Great Weetein are rtetuly -itt-ttet week's Arottitions. Midland have declined -*sheet 11,4.-and South-western about- ii Some -of the minor varieties—as North -British. North Staffordshire, and Oaleclonien—are lower. Generally it may be stated, that though the demand for the better class of shares for investment has been good, little inclination for Ptireirase is apparent in those which from the uncertainly of their_ position nay be considered as ranking in the class called speculative. The traninationa ist' Foreign Shares have been unimportant: The holders of shareit lit the Over Yssel Railway may receive a .final.return of deposit of 14e. per share upon a plication to Messrs. Bischoffsheim, Geldsraid,- and AVigdor, Angel Court, &Caton Street. - The division of last night in the House -of Commons (at which every one seems surprised) gave an upward impulse to the. English Funds: .Befire the usual hour of business several bargains in Conselii for Account were ef- fected at 961-, and there was evidently a disposition to buy stank. The buyers were, however, freely supplied, and the price fell" to-96 to k ; but has since improved, and is now 96* 1. We cannot hear of any large or im- portant transactions, although much general business has occurred. There is no change or business of importance in the Foreign Funds or Railway Shares; the principal-varieties of which are at yesterday's prices. - 81a1121:14Y Two o'CLocx.

The English Stock Market has been firm during the ivhele morning. The price of Consols for Account was for some time .steady at 96k 1, but upon the occurrence of a speculative purchase of rather an extensive character, the price rose to 961 1, which is the doting quotation. With the exception of this bargain, no large transaction has occurred. The transactions in the Foreign Market have been unusually limited, the following being the scanty list of bargains actually occurring—Brazilian, 90; Mexican, 30 30*; Peru- vian, 78; Russian Scrip, 4/ premium ; Spanish Passive, ; Dutch Fear per Cents, 881.

There is no material variation in Railway Shares ; the tendency of the market is, however, downward, nearly all . the bargains recorded being It quotations lower than those of yesterday. The following are the principal transactions recorded—Aberdeen, 9; Caledonian, 7* 1 *; Chester and Help. head, Preference, 91; Eastern Counties, 71; East Lancashire per Cent Preference Quarter-shares, 291; Great Northern, 10 91; Great Western; TA; Ditto New, 171., 71; Lancashire and Yorkshire, 33i 41; Ditto

Ditto Fifths, 121; London and South-weetern,.S71 7 8; Midland, 35* 1; North British, 61 1 ; Ditto Preference, 44; -North Staffordshire, 61_1; Scottish Cen 12; South-eastern and Dover, 141 t; York, Nee-ensile, and Ber- 21; York and North Midland, 16.

3 per Cent Consols - shut Danish 3 per Cents ..... 72 Ditto for Account


' Dutch Si per Cents


3 per Cent Reduced

961 I

Ditto 4 per Cents

88 4

.34 per Cents 98 k. Mexican 5 per Cents 1846


Long Annuities 8 3-16 f Peruvian 6 per Cents

771 8

Bank Stock — - Portuguese 4 per Cents 1842 .

34 5

Exchequer Bills 67 70 pm. Portuguese 5 per Cents 1824 .

83 5

India Stock

Russian C per Cents

108 110 Brazilian 5 per Cents

Belgian 44 per Cents ,

89 91 .

, 87 9 '

Spanish (Active) 5 per Cents . Ditto 3 'per ljents1.84.3 174 I 884 Chilian 6 per Cents 98 100


91 3 Danish 5 per Cents 99 100



7; London and Blackwell, 4; London, Brighton, and South Cociati 831; London and North-western. 1091; Ditto New Quarter-shares, 12 •

; -Ditto Extension, 91; Dint, G. N. E. -Purchase or Preference, 3