29 JUNE 1850, Page 12

Otatrtonub ,Vitoir.

The immediate past is singularly barren of theatrical events, but the future is not without objects of interest.

In the first place, the St, James's Theatre, which has been without any novelty of importance since the departure of M. Regniet, will next weak derive a new character from the engagement of Mademaisel c Rachel--to commence with that pinnacle of the French " classic " drama, the Figaro of Racine. Rachel will go through her usual routine of characters but_hiar twelve representations will not be without novelty ; tins Polyeuele of clay- neille, and Scribe's Adrienne .Leeouvrew-, have never heen performed on this country.

Drury Lane is to be opened for a single night--cur tho of July— for the benefit of Mrs. Glover, who conoltuled a theatrical career of fifty- three years by an engagement at the New Strand, which terminated about a fortnight ago. The professional merits of this ackninthle'actress are too well established to need commendation. A. circular, which sets forth a list of noble names as patrons of the benefit, urges, as an Additional claim on the part of the benefieiaire, that she has supporteal _her family for 'five