29 JUNE 1850, Page 12

The run of La Tempesta at Her Majesty's Theatre and

oan Prophets at the Royal Italian Opera, hiss for a time superseded all other operas at these houses. At the former, -however, two :novelties of some interest have been announced. The first is Belini's I Capuletti e I lfouteechi, to be performed this evening. It je not much known, and is regarded as a somewhat weak production ; hut Perodi is tube the _Romeo and Frezzolini the Giulietta. Romeo, it will be remembered, was a reVie partgof Paredi's-instructress Pasta ; but it was in a different pi . . ':/0"104., a Giulietta of Zingarelli. , . -_--. .! i a Next Thursday (for Puzzi's benefit) we are to ihave the charming Matrienonio Sogreto with a cast differing retbafttiiVy from that of list season. Scmtag and Frezzolini are to be arro,144:,.and Wieetta, the to sisters, and Parodi Fielighua, the aunt. Last year, .Parodi ..waa Carolina and Alborillidalme. .:Alboni, of course, was iikeenparablei,- hat Paredi, with her mezzo soprano (almost. contralto) -voice., Will be inuck moreint home than she was in Carolina; while thamtiarc of this pari,, :belonging to a pure soprano, must be warbled by Sontag deliciously.,,I,The mutt& Zlisetta, moree*er, almost always in second-rate hindsotatkiot be sus- tained by a performer of the fust dais. , if I al; '. At Covent Garden, the run of the Prophets is in this evening interrupted by the Huguenots- It does not appear that either the to or the _Prophets has begurao.prill upon the public ariPeatte% * 18;_doulitleas necessary at both houses to vary the entertainments fostreleootm.tftl.itiiille

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