29 JUNE 1850, Page 15

votes, and so the discussion ended. For what useful purpose

was we do know a little more than this. We know that Ireland now Stout resistance they have already provoked ; unanimity they ean

„good. cord. We have witnessed—strange sight i.—an Irish debate upon —intended solely for rest or worship, or exclusively for works "—a phrase of wide interpretation, and which on the highest _spoirit-duties, "into which" (to use the expression of a contem- ) "the Church was not dragged." We believe there exists authority are lawful on the Sabbath—all four points on which the e

seriously and unitedly about the practical work of raising their country from her present prostrate state. We know that unless and often obstruct public measures—there is assuredly no occasion there is no hope for Ireland. How far is union among Irishmen and But if the Sabbatarians or other denominations wish usefully to Irish National system of Education. To move in opposition to it, Stanley, as surely and as directly as Lord John Russell. Again we say eui bone ?—why. should Irish Members always delight in placing themselves and their constituents. in a helpless minority?