29 JUNE 1850, Page 9


The accounts' of the crops assume SOI110 interest. Appearances were ' *tie BUMMedlllp on Monday—,

la Still there is no authentic =aunt of the reappearance of the potato blight, although there are statement Of the blackening of leaves and ether sinister . . . . appearances, which, however are giving why in various matinees, under the influence of the present genial weather. The reports of the progress of the cereal and green crops are cheering, and in all quarters there is a prospect of a most abundant harvest."

The Freeman's Journal places in comparison with each other the eie: , .eunIstances uuder which the steamer Viceroy started from Galway and the Canada started from Liverpool, on the 1st of June, for New York ; and in- fers that the Irish experiment was wholly -successful. "The Canada, 2,000 tons burden, with engines of 850 horse-power, left Liverpool at ten o'clock on Saturday morning the let of June; at the same home on the genie day, the Viceroy, a boat built for the Channel trade, crowded with coals above her gunwale, of 350 horse-power, sailed from Gal- way. Wagers were laid in Liverpool that the Canada would overtake and pass the Viceroy on the fifth day. The weather must have been tempestuous- at sea, for the -Canada Was nearly two days more than her usual time on her voyage to Halifax. This fact told terribly against the little cockle shell speed; yet what is the result ?—the Canada arrived in Halifax on the 11th o Jame, et nine a dock ia the morning; the Viceroy arrived in eight hours after !"

Mrs. Phillips, the wife ofa Solicitor, has been tried at Dublin on a crimi- nal charp for conspiring to aid a Mire Thompson to escape from the Four Courts Marshalsea, Miss' Thompsori was a prisaner for debt ; one evening she entertained some friends, and Mrs. Phillips was oontinuelly passing through the prison-gate in making or pretending to make preparations for the entertainment ; and when it grew dusk, she changed clothes with the prisoner, and Miss Thompson hurried out of the prison in the guise of the busy Mrs. Phillips. Miss Thompson has not been recaptured. in the course of the trial, it appeared that the seal hail not been affixed to the writof exe- cution until after the ffieht of Miss Thompson. This was held to be a fatal objection to the proceedings against Mrs. Phillips, and she was acquitted.