29 JUNE 1850, Page 9

SCOTIAND: The inhabitants of Dunfernilise and the Irish navigators employed

,an The 'works Of the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway are at feud, in a man- ner threatening to the peace of the whole West of Fife.: It does not ap- pear who were originally in fault ; but on Saturday last a party of navi- gators attacked some townsmen, and wounded them with bludgeons and -knives, On Monthly, seeeral handreds of the townsmen went to the

lodgings of the Irish, gave them time only to take their clothes, then marched them through the town, and sent them across the Forth at Queensferry. It was feared, on the one hand, that the Scotch populace would gene- rally rise and turn the whole of the numerous Irish weavers out of the district ; on the other hand, that three hundred Irish navvies at work on the Cowrie section of the railway would come to the aid of their country- men. Three hundred special constables had been sworn in, and a com- pany of the Thirteenth Light Dragoons had been called from Edinburgh to aid the civil authorities.