29 JUNE 1850, Page 9

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The inhabitants of Windsor are in a state of excited 'gratitude to Queen Victoria, for an act of generosity which they declare to exceed all the numerous favours hitherte bestowed by Sovereigns on their town elms the Conquest - The unparalleled act is thus described by a local journal— 'Among the Many iniproeemerits now in progress in that favoured town, is the formation of a new road to Datchet, intersecting a portion of the Park on the North side of the Castle ; which road, in connexion with s bridge crossing the Thames near.Blackpots, now nearly completed, will considerably shorten the -distance from Windsor to that pretty -village : between this road. and the Thames there are nearly 100 acres of the Home Park, the whole of which has just been given up by her Majesty for the sports and recreatiou .a the inhabitants of Windsor. This important event was celebrated on Fri- day, last by a grand cricket-match between the new-formed Home Park Club and the officers in garrison here ; which terminated in favour of the former; and 'a dinner of the tradespeople took place in the evening. Windsor has seen its Mayors knighted ;-Sovereighs have presented its Corporations with their portraits, golden Chains, and charters ; but Queen- Victoria, by this Munificent act, has conferred an equal indulgence and gratification on all classes," Tiverton gaol is at this moment empty for the first time during the last seventeen years : out of a population of 12,000 inhabitants, there is not now a single felon in custody.—.Exeter Gazette.