29 JUNE 1889, Page 1

The Emperor of Austria received the Delegations on the 23rd

inst., and made an unexpected speech. After describing the situation in Europe as one " which has not ceased to be uncertain," he spoke of King Milan's "regrettable resolution to renounce the throne." The Regency had given Austria the most explicit assurances of its amity, but he could only " wish and hope that the wisdom and patriotism of the Senna' ns will preserve their country from grave dangers." The " dangers " clearly are those involved in submitting to Russia ; and the Emperor again attacks his rival in a sentence of surprising cordiality about Bulgaria :—" Order and tranquillity reign in Bulgaria, and it is really with pleasure that one records the progress which the country continues to make in spite of existing difficulties." As it is the Russian cue to represent Bulgaria as an anarchical State misgoverned by tyrants, that sentence is considered a direct defiance, and will, it is expected, perhaps without reason, be followed by a formal recognition of Prince Ferdinand.