29 JUNE 1889, Page 14


[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR."] SIR,—In your extremely interesting article on the Empress Dowager of China, there is one sentence on which you will, I am sure, be glad to receive a word of explanation. You speak of the Empress as " a lady, probably with crippled feet." This is a misapprehension. The Mantcheous, of which race,. as you show in your article, comes the reigning dynasty of China, do not cripple the feet of their women ; therefore, the ladies of the Imperial family are not, and never have been, subject to this degrading and demoralising practice. It is the Chinese proper, the subject and not the conquering race, who- torture and maim their women. It may well be that there is

connection between the practice in this respect of the- two races and their relative political condition.—I am, Sir, &c.,.


10 Great College Street, Westminster, S.W., June 22nd.