29 JUNE 1889, Page 14

[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTATOR.") Sin,—When Lord Beaconsfield

was interred, Queen Victoria contributed a large wreath of primroses, to which were appended two cards, bearing inscriptions in her Majesty's hand. One of the inscriptions was in these words,—" His favorite flower." This simple statement, taken from the Times' report of the funeral, settles the question as to the statesman's preference for the flower ; for, of course, the Queen would not make such a declaration on such an occasion, on any evidence short of that of Lord Beaconsfield himself. It is possible that the cards were preserved, and that the Vicar of Hughenden could produce them. Party spite has seldom done a meaner thing than the raising of a doubt upon this

simple question of fact.—I am, Sir, &c., T.