29 JUNE 1901, Page 14


go ME EDITOR OF TEE "SPECTATOR.") SIR,—A propos of "A Dream House," may I give you a similar, though singularly prosaic, experience of my own? When quite a young girl I dreamt several nights running that I went into a house which I did not know, and that a lady in a green dress took me over it; but the only room I remembered on awaking was a bath-room, where stood a plain deal cupboard, on the top of which was a quaint Indian work-basket. Some time after I obtained the post of assistant- mistress in a High SchooL The mistresses lived with the Head-Mistress. On my arrival Miss X. took me over the house, and finally showed me the bath-room, which I imme- diatelir recognised as the room of my dream. It contained

the deal cupboard, on which stood the quaint work-basket. I then observed that Miss X. had on a green dress !—I am, Sir, A. W. H.