29 JUNE 1918, Page 1

The debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday was

opened by Mr. Shortt, the new Chief Secretary for Ireland. He proved the reality of the German plot in Ireland by quoting freely from popular pamphlets, posters, and poems as well as from speeches by Sinn Fein leaders. He said that both Lord French and ho had come to the conclusion that an essential preliminary to any form of Conscription in Ireland was the opportunity for Irishmen to COMO forward voluntarily under such an arrangement as Lord. Derby had provided in Great Britain. While this was being done it was necessary to rescue the liberties of the great majority of moderate Irishmen from the licence and terrorism of the extremists. That is to say, it was necessary for the Government to govern. Another step the Government would take was to dissipate ignorance and spread information by means of propaganda. Propaganda, he said, had been sadly neglected in Ireland. Last week we advocated a regular campaign in Ireland to make known the truth about

Germany, and pointed out that the danger of ignorance was much greater there than in many foreign countries where we spend.

hundreds of thousands of pounds upon spreading the light. Amid all the muddle and hesitation, this decision by the Government is at least one point to the good.