29 JUNE 1918, Page 10

[To THE EDITOR OF THE " SPECTAT03."1 Sta,—As one of

the large class of perplexed mistresses in Great Britain, I was delighted to see the easy solution of the servant problem given by "Satisfied Mistress" in your issue of June 22nd. Might I, however, venture to ask for enlightenment on one or two points about which she is not quite clear ? In the small middle- class establishments which so preponderate in England, where neither money nor accommodation is very plentiful, how is a well- intentioned mistress—whose daughters often double up together— to spare a separate, well-furnished bedroom for each maid ? Also by what arts can she hope to soften the hardened hearts of the Coal and Light Controllers so as successfully to cajole them into allowing the fuel and light necessary for the maids' extra sitting- room ? Any information will be gratefully received.—I am, Sir, ST., A DISSATISFIED MISTRESS.