29 JUNE 1918, Page 16

An interesting pamphlet has been written by Mr. Arthur T.

Bolton, the Curator of Sir John Soane's Museum, on Pitzhanger Manor, Ealing Green, once Soane's country house and now the Ealing Public Library (Soane Museum, 7d.). George Dance Gbuilt this interesting house for Gunnell the Quaker in 1770, and Soane, when he bought it in 1800, made additions to it in what Mr. Bolton aptly terms his " Mausoleum' style, which to us suggests, say, at geological museum rather than a dwelling-house. Soane, it seems,

bought the house in the hope- that his eldest see and heir would become an architect, but when the young man declined to spend hie vacations in " restoring " artificial " ruins "—an idea in which Beane anticipated Mr. Pecksniff—the disappointed father sold the Ealing house and concentrated his. attention on his house in Lincoln's Inn Fields. The pamphlet is - well illustrated.