29 JUNE 1918, Page 16

READABLE Novees - .—The Foolishness of Lilian: By Jessie Champion. (John Lane.

613.)--The story of a factory girl who rises in life, being of such ability that she excels in every one of the professions which she adopts. Her .marriagn finally puts an end to this remarkable career.—Mies Pim's Camouflage. By Dorothy. Stanley, (Hutchinsonand Co. 6a.)—It is diffieulato take as seriously as is required_ • Jr . the author's- purpose the heroine's ability to become invisible at any moment. If the reader can grant this astonishing premiss, Mies PiM's resulting adventures at the front will be- found entertaining.—After.Dinner Stories. By Marie. Van Vorst. (Mills and Boon. 5a)—The " Story of- the Seven. Fridays " in the most pleasing of this collection ; but although the short story is not quite Miss Van Vorst's best medium, the whole collection is very readable.