29 JUNE 1918, Page 16


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South Slav Monuments : I. Serbian Orthodox Church. Edited by M. J. Pupin. (J. Murray. 42s.)—Sir T. G. Jackson explains in his Introduction to this valuable and interesting book that it in the first account in English of Serbian church architecture, which. inherited both the Romanesque and the Byzantine traditions, and developed them in ea original fashion. Despite the ravages of the intolerant Turk, some of the mediaeval churches still stand in Serbia, but for one of the finest examples. of Serbian architecture we must go to the Hilendar monastery on Mount Athos. The modem church of St. George at Topola, built by King Peter just before the Balkan War, shows that the Serbo-Byzantine. school in still full of life ; the severe dignity of this marble building with low gilded cupolas is most impressive. M. Jovanovic, a Belgrade architect, contributes notes on the admirable photographs and drawings. It is no small consolation amid the horrors of war to feel: that by such books as this, and in many other ways, the South. Slays are becoming well known to Western Europe. Certainly a little nation that could produce such fine churches is worthy of all respect..