29 JUNE 1918, Page 16

The Praywork Book. 13y Ann Macbeth. (Methuen and Co. 3s.

6d. net.)—Harassed mothers and governesses will find in this ingenious book a whole series- of simple and intelligent diversions for young children. Miss Macbeth, who has long been the teacher of applied design at the Glasgow School of Art, contends with- reason that children like toys which they have made themselves far better than the- expensive articles from the shop, and that it is good for them to learn unconsciously how- to use their hands and to develop their sense of form and colour. She shows in her book how to make all kinds of unambitious toys like dollie, doll'e furniture, popguns, drums, model aeroplanes, and-so on, defining the-materials needed, and giving little sketches: One of her most ingenious-ideas is the " futiv-bono teaeset."'inadeoutof a cod'abeekbone, which is softened titer boiling, moulded into the required shapes, and then coloured.