29 JUNE 1918, Page 2

Herr von Kuhlmann remarked with ill-concealed glee on the "

great process of fermentation " within the Russian Colossus, but warned his hearers that all the conditions in Russia were uncertain. He was about to discuss a " long series " of questions with the Bolshevik representatives. The Polish problem had not been solved. In regard to the Caucasus, the Turkish advance- into regions which " could not come into question for permanent occu- pation " by Turkey had been stepped ; in other words, Germany herself wanted to be in control at Tiflis. In a previous speech on Friday week Herr von Kithlmann had referred to the open quarrel between Turkey and Bulgaria. The Turks want to regain the district adjacent to Adrianople as a set-off to the gains in the Dobrudja made by Bulgaria at Rumania's expense, while Bulgaria wants the whole Dobrudja and Greek Macedonia without having to compensate Turkey. The recent fall of the Bulgarian Ministry under M. Radoslavoff, -which is evidently unpalatable to Germany, seems to be connected with this dispute.